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Introducing the Flair Signature Black!

It’s lonely at the top. That’s why we at Flair decided to give the Flair Signature, our flagship manual espresso maker, a bit of company. Starting February 22nd, the Flair family is growing to add the Signature Black to our portfolio of products. Made from the

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7 reasons we absolutely love espresso

Having designed and built an espresso maker, it’s not particularly surprising that we love espresso. But it’s only now that we have been running our Kickstarter Campaign, and talking to espresso experts and coffee nerds all day, we find ourselves asking: what do we love so

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23 interesting facts about coffee

2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide.​ German composer Bach actually wrote an opera about coffee. Humans started consuming coffee as food, not as a drink. Coffee ‘beans’ are not actually beans at all – they are a type of fruit. There

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How to brew a professional quality espresso at home

The word espresso is, unsurprisingly, Italian. It means to extract under pressure, although the word and its variants (expresso, anyone?) have connotations of speed and of a personal touch – coffee made expressly for you! The unique result of this pressurized extraction process is coffee

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See the original kickstarter for Flair Espresso.

Great news! You can now get your hands on a Flair Espresso Maker, and make professional quality espresso at home. Even better, the Flair is available for a limited period only at a discounted price. From October 24 until November 24, we are offering the Flair

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Espresso Drinks

11 delightful drinks you can make with your Flair Espresso Maker

The Flair may be called an “espresso maker,” but really it’s a multi-purpose coffee specialty drink maker! Why? Most of the specialty drinks you can order at the coffee shop have one common ingredient, and that’s espresso. Such as: Espresso shots Cappuccino Café Latte Café

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