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Brewing Espresso Without Water on the Flair 58

Barista League
Battle of the Beans

Flair Espresso has teamed up with The Barista League in the latest installment of the Battle of the Beans, which has just released on Youtube.

Initially created as a response to strict travel restrictions in March of 2020, the Battle of the Beans has developed into a 12-episode series of never-before-seen barista challenges that play out through episodes on YouTube. And the Flair 58 has been featured in the most recent episode, a challenge for baristas to brew espresso drinks without using water.

Kimia's Indian Tonic Espresso

19 grams of coffee
55 grams Schweppe’s Indian Tonic Water (The fresher the Tonic Water, the better.)

Temperature: 94 C
Grind Size: 5 (Rancilio Rocky)
Time: 45 seconds (one continuous pull)
Yield: 27 grams

Heat Tonic Water to 94 C degrees in pot on stove. Measure out 55g and pour into Flair water chamber. Flair should be on medium heat.

Addison's Chamomile Tea Espresso

20 grams of coffee
Pre-brewed Chamomile Tea

Temperature: 199 F (Kettle set to 200 to account for some temp loss)
Grind Size: 7 (Rancilio Rocky)
Time: 32 seconds
Yield: 45 grams

Steep 2 bags (or equivalent) Chamomile Tea in 12 ounces of water according to brewing instructions. Once steeped, remove bag. Heat in a kettle to 200 F. Pour into chamber and brew!

Josh's Earl Grey Tea and Syrup Espresso

18 grams of coffee
Sugar syrup (recipe below)
¼ tsp Ground Cinnamon
2 Earl Grey Tea Bags

Temperature: 96-98 C
Grind Size: 4 (Rancilio Rocky)
Time: 28-35 seconds
Yield: 37-40 grams

To make your sugar syrup, mix 50g sugar with 200g water. Heat to boiling in a pan. Add your ground cinnamon. Add tea bags. Stir. Let steep for 2 minutes, then remove the teabags. If possible, strain the hot mix through a sieve or a cocktail strainer. Add the mix to a preheated (on the highest setting) Flair. Brew!

Marissa's Milkis Soft Drink Espresso

18.5 grams of coffee
Milkis Soft Drink
Cascara Concentrate (recipe below)
Chamomile Tea Concentrate (recipe below)

Temperature: 200 F
Grind Size: 5 (Rancilio Rocky)
Time: 30 seconds at 6 bars of pressure
Yield: 38 grams

To make your Cascara Concentrate, combine 35 grams of cascara with 500 grams of 200F degree water for 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

To make your Chamomile Tea Concentrate, combine 2 teabags with 500 grams of 200 F water for 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

After brewing, strain cascara and remove tea bags. Make sure to stir each liquid thoroughly before mixing them together, as there will be natural separation. Final ratio of liquid will be 30% Cascara Concentrate, 30% Chamomile Concentrate, and 40% Milkis.
Flair 58 Manual Espresso Maker

The Flair 58

If you want to brew the recipes from The Barista League, or any other delicious espresso recipe, the Flair 58 is your ticket to espresso nirvana.

Choose between the Flair 58, with an electric preheat system, or the all manual Flair 58x.


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