Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151
Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151

Classic Accessories

Accessories to Enhance Your Classic Manual Espresso Maker

Accessories to Enhance Your Brewing!

Consider your Classic a true foundation for brewing manual espresso. But you don’t have to stop there!

Once you’re ready, consider upgrading your Classic, either with additional accessories like our Pressure Gauge Kit, or completely change the game by upgrading fully to our PRO 2 Brew Head. It’s all at your fingertips.

Pressure Gauge Kit

Brew with Precision

Our Pressure Gauge Kit is the ultimate upgrade for your Classic. Never wonder how much pressure you’re using to brew. Lower the lever, and stay within the “Espresso Zone” at 6-9 BAR.
Stainless Steel Tamper

Custom Tamping Style

Our Stainless Steel Tampers are unique to the size of our 40mm diameter Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter. Enhance your brewing experience with this custom, beautifully built tamper.

Featured Accessories - Classic

PRO 2 Upgrade

Upgrade Your Classic to a PRO 2

Buy a Pro 2 Brew Head as an upgrade and turn your Classic into our flagship! Expanded capabilities like a larger capacity and easier to manage ratios will level up your espresso game!

Replacement Parts for Your Classic

We hope you brew delicious espresso every single day with your Flair Classic manual espresso maker. And, when that happens, sometimes you’ll need replacements for some of your working parts. We’re happy to offer everything you’ll need now and in the future!

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