Flair 58

Flair 58 - The Gold Standard in Manual Espresso

Espresso Nirvana Is Here


Enter the Flair 58 and 58x. A fully-manual, professional grade, lever espresso press. The Flair 58 is focused on maximizing the workflow and quality of at-home espresso extractions. Featuring Flair’s first industry standard 58mm portafilter, a more robust frame and T-grip lever for ease of extractions at higher pressures, customers can also choose between our electric version, which adds a preheat controller, or our 58x, which maintains Flair’s non-electric tradition.

Unlock the potential of your espresso.

Great Entry Point

I wanted to explore espresso at home and while the Flair 58 is relatively experience it represents great value for money in terms of the quality of espresso it can brew.

David S.


I have a La Marzocco as my main espresso machine and bought the Flair 58 to use as my travel machine. It works great and it’s been super easy to get really good espresso. I’ve consistently been impressed with how well it performs.

Jeff K.

Amazing Control - Refined for the Price Point

The Flair 58 has changed the way in which I approach espresso. Now, when I enjoy a fantastic cup at a top spot in town, I always leave with a bag of their freshly roasted beans to take on the challenge of recreating something exceptional. The Flair 58 can do what I dreamt and in many instances has surpassed what I tasted in the shop...after a bit of trial and error.

David D.

Perfect Home Set Up

The temperature control and the workflow are stellar. Being able to pressure profile and use specific temperatures is something you don't get in a machine at this cost. I own a flair pro2 and this is worth the upgrade

Joel M.

Flair 58



Pricing for the Flair 58 will start at $575 while the non-electric Flair 58x will start at $485. Both models will include everything needed to extract the best in espresso, right from your home.

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