Other espresso makers in the market: How does the Flair compare?

You may think you have seen or even used an espresso maker like the Flair. We believe that we can offer something new and different, not only to electronic machines, but also to devices that are operated manually. 

Brew a delicious and consistent espresso by hand

There may be other manual espresso makers with handles, but the Flair is the only one where the brewing head is a rigid stainless steel container that does not expand with pressure. Therefore, the pressure is maintained throughout the whole brewing process, extracting a much more consistent espresso. 

This is the only espresso maker where the coffee container is separate from the press stand, letting you preheat the whole container before loading the hot water, and avoid the heat loss that occurs in other home machines. As well as helping to create a delicious espresso, this also makes it easy to keep the coffee container clean.

It’s not like other so-called ‘espresso makers’!

French presses or stovetop pots do not actually make espresso. These use either immersion or condensation brewing methods. Espresso, meanwhile, is a pressurized coffee extraction. The Flair extracts coffee at up to 16 bars of pressure, which brings the full body, taste, aroma, and crema that define espresso. The pressure on some ‘espresso makers’ in the market is about 9 times lower than the Flair.

These other coffee brewers can make a good strong coffee, but the Flair is for those looking for real professional quality espresso at home. 

Enjoy the control of a manual touch

​Despite being designed for home use, Flair extracts double espresso shots that match the rich taste you only get from much more expensive and complex professional machines.

Espresso machines for home use may offer you a speedy way to make an espresso, but the coffee pods are expensive, and pressing a button to get an ordinary espresso is impersonal and dull. You’re never in control.

With Flair, there are no coffee pods or electricity. Flair is the expression of simplicity, with only the essential elements you need to prepare and extract perfect professional quality espressos. From loading your freshly ground coffee to pulling the lever with gusto, you can craft your espresso the old fashioned way – and brew it exactly the way you want.

Making espresso with Flair is fun, and you’re always in control. Plus, Flair disassembles flat in seconds to be taken wherever you travel, or to be easily tucked in any kitchen drawer after each use.

To make extraordinary espressos, you need Flair.


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