7 reasons we absolutely love espresso

Having designed and built an espresso maker, it’s not particularly surprising that we love espresso. But it’s only now that we have been running our Kickstarter Campaign, and talking to espresso experts and coffee nerds all day, we find ourselves asking: what do we love so much about it?

1. The smell

Who can resist the tempting smell of freshly brewed espresso? Well, we can’t. Enjoying espresso surely starts with the intense aroma filling the room.

2. The taste

Obviously, we love the taste of a shot (or two) of good quality espresso. The great thing about espresso is that it actually tastes like the smell, unlike those misleading coffee drinks that seriously overpromise on fragrance.

3. The versatility

Most good coffee drinks start with an espresso – it forms the heart and soul of every latte, cappuccino and macchiato we enjoy. And there are plenty of variations of espresso itself to explore – con panna or cortado, we can’t get enough.

4. The kick

Espresso actually contains less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee, but there is more caffeine per ounce. A nice concentrated boost to start your day, or keep yourself going longer into the night.

5. The possible health benefits

OK, we’re not doctors, but we have written before about the possible health benefits of drinking coffee regularly. We’d do it anyway, but it’s good to know that our organs might thank us for it.

6. The crema, of course

This is the part that truly makes espresso espresso. When you extract a good espresso (as you can with the Flair), using plenty of heat and pressure, you ensure that every element of the coffee bean comes through. The aromatic oils create a rich and delicious golden crema, that we just love. (The updated design of the Flair actually produces shots that are 50% crema.)

7. The process

For average espresso, you could just press a button. For lovingly crafted and high quality espresso, you can’t beat getting hands-on with a manual espresso maker. Obviously, we’d say you should try out the Flair Espresso Maker, which makes the whole experience of brewing your double shot really fun and artful. But however you do it, we think you should enjoy it.


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