Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151
Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151

Flair Loyalty Program

Save on Your Next Flair Espresso Maker with Loyalty Benefits

Flair Loyalty Program


The Flair Loyalty Program is meant to help existing customers of Flair upgrade their current setup as they continue on their espresso journey, or bring friends into the Flair Family. Your loyalty benefit will come in the form of a coupon, roughly one month after purchase, and will be related to the specific product you purchased.

Full details and information is below!

Details of the Flair Loyalty Program

The Flair Loyalty Program will provide existing customers with a coupon, for a set dollar amount, that can be redeemed for a Flair Espresso Maker of equal or greater value. The coupon amount will be based on the Flair Espresso Maker that was purchased, and customers that bought from the Flair store since November of 2020 may be eligible. Regardless of the number of previous purchases, the coupon amount will only reflect the most recent Flair purchase.

Product Eligibility for the Flair Loyalty Program

Only Flair Espresso Makers, purchased from Flair’s online webstore – not Amazon or our resale partners – can be eligible for the Loyalty Program benefits. These products are:

  • Flair NEO, Classic, Signature, PRO 2, Flair 58x and Flair 58

It does not matter if your product was purchased during a sale or not. If you bought a Flair Espresso Maker, listed above, from the Flair Espresso webstore after November 9th of 2020, you may be included in the benefits program.

Benefits can be cashed in at any time, even on top of a sale, but each coupon will be single-use, and can only be used on a Flair Espresso Maker of equal or greater value. Therefore, if you purchased a Flair PRO 2, your coupon will only be valid for another Flair PRO 2, Flair 58x or Flair 58.

Coupon Amount for Products Purchased

The amount of your loyalty benefit will depend on the product that was purchased, with benefit amounts increasing as the price of the product purchased increases. Coupon amounts are below.

  • Flair NEO – $25
  • Flair Classic – $33
  • Flair Signature – $45
  • Flair PRO 2 – $65
  • Flair 58x – $80
  • Flair 58 – $100

Again, the coupon received will be single-use and will be valid only on a Flair Espresso Maker of equal or greater value. 

When Will I Receive My Benefit?

The Flair Loyalty Program will begin in 2022, but set times for the receipt of these coupons have not been established. If you would like to take part, reach out to customer service on Flair’s Contact Page with your order number, product ordered, and date of purchase.

To receive your benefits, please be sure to have subscribed to our mailing list, and make sure that you accept marketing materials from the company. We won’t be able to contact you with your benefit if you’ve opted out of communications.

You can subscribe in the footer on any one of our webpages, or you can also manage your email preferences by clicking on the link at the bottom of the last email you received from us!

Final Terms and Conditions of Flair Loyalty Program

The Flair Loyalty Program is meant to help existing customers upgrade their current setup or buy a Flair for a friend or loved one. This program may be discontinued at any time, but existing coupons already sent to customers will be honored. Other terms and conditions are below.

  • Coupons are single-use, cannot be transferred and cannot be used retroactively
  • Coupons are only eligible on equal or higher value Flair Espresso Makers, no accessories or grinders
  • Customers must be subscribed and accept marketing communications from Flair to receive their coupon
  • Only sales from the Flair Espresso webstore – not Amazon or resale partners – are eligible. This is due to complications with verifying the purchase of items made on different platforms, that the small Flair Espresso team can’t overcome.
  • If you bought a Royal bundle, only the espresso maker purchased will count towards your loyalty program benefit
  • Shipping rates and customs fees, for international customers, still apply
  • If you have any questions, please reach out via chat or to service@flairespresso.com 

Please Note!

Shipping to an address that is different from your billing address may require additional verification.