About Us

Our Story
The Flair Espresso Maker was born from the heart of an espresso lover and inventor who set out on a journey to make espresso right, in the comfort of his own home. He asked the question, “What is the minimum needed to make a great espresso?” This meant no gadgets; just pure, delicious espresso.

Thirty years of experience as an engineer in the bio-medical industry were applied to the development of the Flair. Dozens of prototypes later, he was able to successfully eliminate all the complexity found in high-end espresso machines. Everything was incorporated into a simple, elegant, and affordable product that has one purpose: to make espresso right.

The taste is what defines us.
The design is what distinguishes us.

Our Mantra
The world came up and got itself in a hurry. Everything is faster, more efficient, higher volume. But we at Flair believe that somewhere along the way we lost our way.

Whatever happened to doing something right the first time, even if it takes a bit longer? What happened to believing that the journey – the process – is just as enjoyable as the outcome?

We believe that a home-cooked meal is better than fast food. We believe that slowing down is as important as speeding up. We believe that happiness comes from savoring the best things in life, like a hug, a sunset, or a perfectly pressed cup of espresso made right.

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