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Expert Tips for the Perfect Home Coffee Corner

We at Flair Espresso were recently contacted by Redfin, you know, the Real Estate company that shows high end listings, to help them understand tips about how to create the perfect coffee corner. This is a journey that’s dear to our heart, so we decided

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Flair vs. Robot – An Independent Review

The market for real, handcrafted espresso is growing as people around the world begin to understand what is possible with all-manual lever espresso presses. Of course, we’d love to consider ourselves as one of the leaders in this space, but other players have emerged as

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Five Reasons to Grind with the Royal Grinder

The Royal Grinder, the first manual hand grinder from Flair Espresso, launched in June of 2020. Since then we’ve shipped hundreds of units, and first impressions from customers are starting to reach our ears. Below, find out why Royal users are extremely happy with their

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A Flair for Good Health

A recent New York Times article asked the question, “Is coffee good for you?” And, the answer was simple – and wonderful news to everyone’s ears – “Yes!” But, before we dive into the health benefits of coffee, and how espresso fits into this, we

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Six reasons a Flair is right for you

Say you’re on the fence about buying an espresso maker for the home. We get it. There are lots of options out there, and besides, you’ve heard so many different opinions from so many people. So how do you make sense of it all? At

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Flair Shines on YouTube with 5.5 Million Views

Happy New Year to all of our Flair-istas! At the start of a new year, it’s always important to look at where you’ve been, and what a year it’s been for Flair Espresso. Not only did we introduce the new PRO 2, which builds upon the

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The Jury is In! Flair Reigns Supreme Over ROK GC.

Here at Flair Espresso, we hold ROK in the highest respect. Fifteen years ago their first product, the Presso, helped to create the space in which we all operate today. That being said, our goal at Flair Espresso has always been to produce cafe-quality shots

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How does brew water affect your espresso taste?

You’ve likely read the statistic: espresso is anywhere between 85% and 96% water depending on your brew ratio and extraction numbers. As such, if you’re trying to achieve consistency in your coffee, you’ve got to consider the source and quality of your water for each

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Bottomless Brewing with Flair is Here!

Innovation is a key component of our business model at Flair; we are constantly listening to customers and heading back into the design studio to come up with the next great offering that will improve the ability to brew professional quality espresso with every pulled shot.

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CO2 | The Spark Plug

Let’s get one thing out of the way right up front: crema in and of itself says little about the quality of your espresso, and is really only an indicator of the freshness of the beans and the quality of extraction. Also, certain roasts and beans

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Introducing the Flair Signature Black!

It’s lonely at the top. That’s why we at Flair decided to give the Flair Signature, our flagship manual espresso maker, a bit of company. Starting February 22nd, the Flair family is growing to add the Signature Black to our portfolio of products. Made from the

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7 reasons we absolutely love espresso

Having designed and built an espresso maker, it’s not particularly surprising that we love espresso. But it’s only now that we have been running our Kickstarter Campaign, and talking to espresso experts and coffee nerds all day, we find ourselves asking: what do we love so

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