Video Tutorials

Flair Espresso Video Tutorials and Tips

Brewing espresso with the Flair is fun. We’ve also decided to make it as easy as possible by supplementing our Quick Start Guides, shipped with every Flair and downloadable below, with video tutorials that show the exact process you’ll need to be successful. Watch and follow the processes below, there’s no better way to learn!

Flair NEO Tutorial

Flair Classic Tutorial

Flair Signature Tutorial

Flair PRO 2 Tutorial

Flair 58 Tutorial

If you purchased your Flair 58 from our webstore before May, 2023 click here for our Flair 58 Tutorials page >

Royal Grinder Tutorial

Flair 58+ Tutorial

NEO Flex Tutorial

Download The Flair Espresso Quick Start Guides
If you’ve lost or damaged the Quick Start Guide that comes with your Flair, don’t worry! Just download a new copy below, based on the particular product you own. These manuals are completely up to date, and offer the latest manual that we’ve designed.

Classic Guide

Classic Pressure Kit Guide

PRO & PRO 2 Guide

NEO Guide

Royal Grinder Guide

Pressure Gauge Kit Guide

Flair 58 Safety Guide

Flair 58 Guide

Flair 58x Guide

Flair 58+ Guide

NEO Flex Guide

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