Flair vs. Robot – An Independent Review

The market for real, handcrafted espresso is growing as people around the world begin to understand what is possible with all-manual lever espresso presses. Of course, we’d love to consider ourselves as one of the leaders in this space, but other players have emerged as contenders for a spot on espresso lovers’ countertops.

We see posts and reviews from customers and aficionados around the world daily, and the question keeps coming up: in the battle of Flair vs. Robot, which manual espresso maker should you choose?

Thankfully, the good people at Alternative Brewing, a powerhouse in the coffee world around Australia and the Pacific, decided to run their own test and reveal their results in this informative Youtube video, below.

While both espresso makers are very capable, and customers should pick which is best for their own needs, this reviewer at AB personally chose the Flair due to a lower price point and the ability to travel with our custom carrying case. Their synopsis of our Flair PRO 2 says:

“The Flair range has added value in this series by including the very best of features so you can achieve a premium espresso extraction with control and precision.

This espresso machine is elegantly designed, durably constructed, and empowering to espresso brewers & filter aficionados alike. This easy-to-use espresso maker can generate pressure to a style of espresso more commonly found in commercial espresso machines. It’s capable of producing full-flavored, full-bodied espresso; rich in crema.

Additions to the PRO 2 such as a stainless steel spout that clips on to the bottomless portafilter for a concentrated flow of espresso, silicone grips to the handle and pressure gauge for improved work flow and an enhanced-flow bottomless portafilter make this the superior espresso maker to take with you anywhere you want.”

And not to worry, while the users at AB don’t yet have our split spout, this is now part of our product line, launched in July, which allows Flair PRO 2 users to split each shot as desired.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be able to get delicious, real espresso. But the Flair’s expanded features and ability to travel at a lower price point make this decision a no-brainer for us!

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