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Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151

Expert Tips for the Perfect Home Coffee Corner

Flair Coffee Corner

We at Flair Espresso were recently contacted by Redfin, you know, the Real Estate company that shows high end listings, to help them understand tips about how to create the perfect coffee corner. This is a journey that’s dear to our heart, so we decided to partake.

You can read the full article and list of tips from many different coffee companies here, or check out some of our favorite recommendations below.

Flair Espresso’s Tip

Your deep connection to coffee is what led you here in the first place, so when considering how to design and outfit this sacred space, look to honor that connection by not cluttering it up with cables and wires! Many manual brewing tools, and especially manual espresso makers like our Flair, come without cords and are by all rights functional art, and therefore uniquely suited to that end. Additionally, displaying your coffee paraphernalia not in rotation on a live edge floating shelf placed above the bar makes for an amazing way to further showcase your cherished brewers and ceramics while maintaining that clean aesthetic you were dreaming of. That being said, if there are electric appliances calling out to you, consider an appliance garage to achieve a similar clean aesthetic when they are not in use!

Tip from Elegant Coffee

A nice balance between comfortable and productive for us would be a rustic stained wood table with an accent piece chair combination. Be sure to include a cushion on the chair for comfort, and get a table big enough for sufficient lighting. Bright pictures and prints make for a nice splash of color and set a great mood!

Tip From Aura Espresso Room

We recommend you use an area of your home that isn’t currently utilized, adding value to your home. Functionally, water supply is a key element to consider. Create a unique space that fits exactly your requirements and needs, but is also cozy and stylish. Lastly, try to keep up with current trends and make your design available on social media since projects like that can be inspiring for a lot of people.


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