Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151
Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151

The NEO is 1400% Funded. Here’s Why You Should Back It Too.

The NEO launched on Kickstarter (visit here!) on April 7th, 2020. Since that time, we’ve exceeded our funding goal by 1400% raising over $110,000 dollars in just two weeks. Based on this response, it’s fair to say that The NEO has struck a cord with many users who want manual espresso, 20% of whom come from outside the U.S.

But, if you’re still undecided about whether to buy, or are waiting and watching to see what happens, here are the most convincing reasons you should buy a NEO now and enjoy handcrafted espresso yourself.

Perfect for espresso beginners
The NEO was designed with simplicity in mind. Featuring our Flow-Control Portafilter, the NEO reduces the need to dial-in your grind by restricting the flow of your brew water through your grounds. This means you get a great result, and delicious espresso, no matter what type of grinder you’re using.

We surveyed our first 800 backers to get to know them a bit better, and we found out that for over half, The NEO would be their first espresso machine. And we are thrilled! If you’ve never owned an espresso maker, don’t worry. The NEO is a no-fuss, approachable espresso solution.

Saving the world, one shot at a time
The world could use a bit of saving right now, and The NEO can contribute to that. Using no pods or electricity, The NEO is a manual espresso maker, that uses your own hands, to craft delicious espresso. Every time you lower the lever, you’re reducing the number of pods that could go into a landfill.

Kickstarter deals don’t last
We all know about the great deals you can score on Kickstarter. But these deals don’t last. Already, The NEO has reached the max on two reward levels, and the current levels will be gone before you know it. It’s true, even at the full price of $119, the NEO is affordable and makes delicious espresso. But, at $95 dollars, it’s truly a steal. And once this deal is gone, it’s gone forever. This campaign ends May 7th.

​A short wait from backing to fulfillment
During these times when everyone is stuck at home, it’s important to have a solution for home espresso. But you’ve heard that some Kickstarter campaigns have massive delays in delivering products. Not with the NEO. Flair Espresso is a manufacturing company, having three years of experience bringing manual espresso makers into customers homes. We’ve got a target delivery date of May for the first lot of NEOs, which is the same month the campaign ends. Click, order, and before you know it, your NEO will be at your doorstep.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best deals, and back today. You’ll have espresso in your home in no time.

Come brew with us.


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