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Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151

Five Reasons to Grind with the Royal Grinder

The Royal Grinder, the first manual hand grinder from Flair Espresso, launched in June of 2020. Since then we’ve shipped hundreds of units, and first impressions from customers are starting to reach our ears. Below, find out why Royal users are extremely happy with their decision to jump on this bandwagon early, and learn five reasons why a Royal is right for your grinding needs.

#1 – The Royal was built for the Flair…
From the designers of the Flair, for Flair users. This is the baseline of the Royal design. If you’re a Flair owner, and brew manual espresso with any of our models, consider the Royal as part of a single brewing system, perfectly designed to bring out the best in your Flair Espresso Maker. The Royal has micro-adjustments, at just .02mm each, to ensure that you’ve got all the latitude necessary to dial-in your fine espresso grind to ensure proper extraction from your Flair. The Royal and your Flair really do make the perfect pair.

#2 – …But the Royal is great for any brewing method
Yes, we designed the Royal to be optimized for use with our system of manual espresso makers, but the Royal is no one-trick pony. In fact, this can be the only grinder that you own. The Royal is not only precise, but it has great range. 72 individual adjustment steps mean that you can take your Royal from fine espresso grind all the way to coarse french press sized grounds. So, on any day that you decide an espresso isn’t right for you, you may put away your Flair, but you don’t have to put away the Royal.

Take a look at this recent feedback we received.

“The Royal grinder was the missing piece of my coffee routine. Whether I’m in the mood for espresso or a pour over, the Royal has plenty of flexibility and resolution to deliver the grind size that I need. The design of the adjustment crown makes it easy for me to navigate between grind settings and have confidence that I can produce repeatable grind sizes.”

#3 – It’s all about the taste
It’s true that your grinder is one of the most important factors to the taste and mouthfeel of the coffee in your cup. As such, when designing the Royal we placed an enormous emphasis on finding the right burrs and the most consistent design to ensure well-balanced extractions across any roast, especially those hard to dial-in lighter roasts. As espresso lovers, tasting the nuances of a coffee region and the floral and fruit notes is one of the finer things in life, and we had to make sure our Royal could perform.But, don’t take our word for it.

Just check out this quote from a recent Royal customer:

“But, you probably are most interested in flavor. Here the Royal wins, in my opinion. The subtler, more balanced, sweeter and more floral flavors you can get from an espresso are more common with the Royal than the JX Pro. If you want to taste all the notes that the roaster meant for you to taste, go with the Royal.”

#4 – The Royal is pretty, and pretty functional
Our favorite quote from a recent customer is the following, “The Royal is quite capable, and has a bit more (ahem) flair to the design.”

This undoubtedly made us smile, and while it’s true that we paid ample attention to the aesthetics of the Royal, many of our design decisions that appear “pretty” also include a nod to functionality as well. Many grinders on the market today look sleek with an all metal body. And, while the Royal also has a body that is milled from aluminum, we decided to cover this with a full-wrap silicone grip, almost the size of an entire hand, to ensure the very best ergonomics while grinding. There’s no need to keep track of, or add, a small silicone band onto this grinder, as it’s integrated into the design, which also gave us space to inlay our beautiful “f” logo. Now that’s what we call “pretty functional.”

#5 – The Royal, at the nexus of affordability and quality
We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the price of the Royal in our “reasons to buy guide,” especially because of all the quality this design sports. Nowadays, it’s normal to spend upwards of $200 on a quality grinder, and we are so pleased to be able to offer our Royal at just $179. What this means for the customer is that in the Royal you get a highly capable hand grinder, for fine espresso grind or any brew method you’re using, all in an affordable package.

And, until August 26th at midnight, we are currently running a giveaway for one lucky customer to win a Royal for free. Details and signup can be found here.


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