Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151
Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151

Paper Portafilter Filters


Paper portafilter filters have been touted by voices in the coffee industry like Scott Rao for increasing clarity and decreasing channeling and spurts. Buy a pack of 100 and enjoy better brewing.

Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × .5 in

100 Portafilter filters in one of three portafilter sizes:

  • Flair 58,
  • Flair PRO 2,
  • Classic & NEO Flex

Buy a pack of 100 paper portafilter filters to increase shot clarity and reduce channeling and sprays in your espresso extraction. Paper filter packs are available in three sizes: Flair 58, Flair PRO 2 and Classic & NEO Flex. Each size corresponds directly to the portafilter for your respective Flair!

Use these paper filters to enjoy:

  • Higher clarity from your espresso shots
  • Reduction in “spray” from bottomless portafilters – less mess
  • Liberating all of the filter’s pores for coffee to flow through more evenly

These paper filters are sized to fit on the bottom of your portafilter basket, added before adding your grounds!

Note: Classic & NEO Flex sized filters will fit the Flair Signature.

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