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Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151

Flair Brew Scale


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Measure all your espresso brewing inputs and outputs with the Flair Brew Scale. Ensure consistent, repeatable results while dosing and tracking your brew ratios and flow rate. Fits under all Flair Espresso Makers.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 6 × 6 in
Scale Dimensions

3.75in (9.5cm) x 4in (10.15cm) x .75in (1.9cm) – Fits under all Flairs

  • Flair Brew Scale
  • Manual
  • Charging Wire

Brew Scale Manual

The Flair Brew Scale fits perfectly between the oval base on all of Flair’s espresso makers, from the NEO Flex to the 58. It’s also the perfect fit for the coffee brewer in search of the tastiest, most repeatable shots of espresso!

Volumetrics leads to imperfect measurements in espresso brewing; scoops to measure coffee beans and shot glasses with volume markings to measure yield cannot be counted on when brewing by recipe. The Flair Brew Scale will provide you with the most accurate measurements—down to 0.1g, and auto-tare and auto-time functions that will keep your brews on point!

3 Modes:

Pre-Infusion Mode starts the clock at first drips and keeps it running all the way through until you lift the cup. Perfect for recipes that call for long holds and blooms.

Auto Mode starts the timer at first drips and stops it as soon as no flow has been sensed for 02 seconds. Perfect for slow ramps straight to pressure with no pre-infusion steps.

Manual Mode let’s you start and pause the timer manually throughout the brew, as well as tare and re-tare as necessary. Perfect for filter and other brewing methods.

Key Features:

  • 3 Brewing Modes
  • Hidden LCD
  • Water Resistant
  • Accuracy to 0.1 g, Max capacity 2,000 g
  • Long-lasting, Rechargeable Battery (Type-C USB)
  • 5 min Auto-Off Battery Saving Mode

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