A Flair for Good Health

A recent New York Times article asked the question, “Is coffee good for you?” And, the answer was simple – and wonderful news to everyone’s ears – “Yes!”

But, before we dive into the health benefits of coffee, and how espresso fits into this, we wanted to take a quick moment to address the Corona Virus sweeping the world.

Of course, no amount of coffee will stave away the current pandemic of the corona virus. So, considering the current state of global health, we wanted to urge everyone to stay safe and healthy, and to please follow the directions of your local officials. If you’re not feeling well, get treatment and please stay out of contact with others.

We view our entire network of Flair-istas as part of a global family and want to see everyone healthy and happy. Luckily, using your Flair can be done at home, so hopefully each and every one of you will still get to enjoy wonderful, well-balanced cups of your favorite espresso drink even during this difficult time.

Now, back to coffee and the benefits that it can hold for everyone. According to the article, which you all can read in full here, experts are now saying that the evidence they’ve found remains consistent, and that evidence suggests coffee consumption overall is linked to a lower mortality risk. This bucks the previous knowledge, which was reversed in 2017, by controlling for lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking. When coffee consumption was isolated, the authors of a British Medical Journal study “observed that moderate coffee drinkers had less cardiovascular disease, and premature death from all causes, including heart attacks and stroke, than those skipping the beverage.”

While the experts still aren’t certain where these health benefits derive from, it is currently hypothesized that they stem from the polyphenols in coffee, which are plant derived compounds that have antioxidant properties.

And here’s the really good news. Espresso, the drink of choice among Flair-istas, “has the highest concentration of many compounds because it has less water than drip coffee.” So, while the evidence isn’t conclusive, we are delighted to hear that your daily Flair could potentially help keep you healthy!

The next most pertinent question has to then be, what if you take your espresso as a milk-based drink or with lots of sugar? Does this reduce the potential for positive effects? Sadly, researches aren’t yet sure about this. Previous research has demonstrated similar positive benefits, even with milk and sugar, but it’s important to add that some drinks are chock-full of sugar, and those most likely have other issues baked in.

Please read the entire article for all insights, but for now, feel a little bit more relaxed that your daily shot, direct from your Flair, is happily helping the hands that brewed it.

Stay safe everyone!


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