Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151
Free Domestic U.S. Shipping on All Flairs and Orders Over $151
Flair 58

Professional Grade Manual Lever Espresso Press

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The Gold Standard in Manual Espresso at Home

Rival the quality, clarity and balance of any espresso maker with the Flair 58 or 58x, the flagship manual espresso maker from Flair. Featuring complete control over any and all inputs, brew exactly the way you want with the Flair 58, all while enjoying the added benefit of an industry standard 58mm portafilter and preheat control system. 

  • Industry Standard 58mm Portafilter
  • Preheat Control System on Flair 58
  • Valve Plunger for Back-to-Back Extractions
  • T-Grip and Elongated Lever for Improved Ergonomics
  • Pressure Gauge for Flow Profiling
Flair 58 Manual Espresso Maker

Choose between the Flair 58 or the Electric-enabled Flair 58x

We designed the Flair 58 to include our custom preheat control system, which can be set for light, medium or dark roasts, and improves overall workflow. But, with the Flair 58x, we’ve decided to stick to our roots, and provide customers the option to go fully non-electric. No matter which you chose, you’ll have café-quality espresso to savor.

Great Entry Point
Great Entry Point
David S.
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I wanted to explore espresso at home and while the Flair 58 is relatively experience it represents great value for money in terms of the quality of espresso it can brew.
Jeff K.
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I have a La Marzocco as my main espresso machine and bought the Flair 58 to use as my travel machine. It works great and it’s been super easy to get really good espresso. I’ve consistently been impressed with how well it performs.
Amazing Control - Refined for the Price Point
Amazing Control - Refined for the Price Point
David D.
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The Flair 58 has changed the way in which I approach espresso. Now, when I enjoy a fantastic cup at a top spot in town, I always leave with a bag of their freshly roasted beans to take on the challenge of recreating something exceptional. The Flair 58 can do what I dreamt and in many instances has surpassed what I tasted in the shop...after a bit of trial and error.
Perfect Home Setup
Perfect Home Setup
Joel M.
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The temperature control and the workflow are stellar. Being able to pressure profile and use specific temperatures is something you don't get in a machine at this cost. I own a flair pro2 and this is worth the upgrade

Preheat Control for Thermal Management
The Flair 58’s Preheat Control System has three temperature settings: 85° degrees C, 90° degrees C, and 95° degrees C, to roughly correlate to the brew temperature needed for dark, medium and light roasted coffees. Just add your brew water and have confidence in the consistency of your brew temperature.

Valve Plunger for Advanced Workflow
The valve plunger, featured on all Flair 58s and 58x’s, allows for water to be added to the brew cylinder no matter the position of your plunger. Immediately add brew water after your previous shot and raise the lever, watching as the water passes through the valve to be ready for your next extraction. This process improvement also ensures that no pre-infusion starts in your coffee bed until desired.

58mm Portafilter for Added Compatibility
The benefit of the industry standard 58mm portafilter is the ability to expand your system with any compatible parts and accessories. Use Flair provided components, or search and make your Flair 58 your own with any items that enhance your brewing experience.

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