Holiday Gift Guide

The Best in Manual Espresso for the Holidays

Flair Espresso Holiday Gift Guide
Flair Holiday Gift Guide

Espresso Makers for Any Experience Level

No matter where you are in your espresso journey, Flair as a manual espresso maker for you. New to espresso? Try the Flair NEO, an affordable option for anyone. Looking for the highest level of espresso capabilities, while maintaining a portable package, try the PRO 2. Or, if you’re interested in a professional barista experience at home, go for the Flair 58 Limited Edition.
  • Flair PRO 2
  • Flair NEO

Accessories for Any Espresso Maker

Getting great espresso requires a high-quality burr grinder, and most take their espresso with milk.

To ensure you and your loved ones are all set up this holiday season, consider the Royal Grinder, for consistent grounds for any brew method, and the Nanofoamer, an affordable way to froth your milk.

Accessories from Companies We Love

We love the partners we work with, and sometimes they come up with great ideas. Take Onyx Coffee Labs, with their incredible coffee advent calendar!

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