Flair Cares

Flair Cares

Donating 10% to Grounds for Health

This December, Flair is celebrating the season of giving with an event to raise money for Grounds for Health, a non-profit born from the coffee industry that aims to help the fight against cervical cancer. From the 9th until the 11th of December, buy an espresso maker from our store and we will donate 10% of the revenue from these sales. 

Buy a New Flair and We'll Donate 10%

From December 9th to December 11th, buying a Flair means donating to a great cause. Grounds for Health is a wonderful organization that works to fight cervical cancer primarily in coffee growing regions. 

Enter Code: FLAIRCARES to be entered to win a free latte art class with Lem Butler, U.S. Barista Champion in 2016.

Three Chances to Win a Virtual Latte Art Class with Lem Butler, U.S. Barista Champion from 2016

Enter Code:

Simply enter the code above at checkout between December 9th and 11th when buying a new Flair. Winners will be announced on December 14th!

If you already have a Flair, make a donation to Grounds for Health, below, and send us your receipt to enter!

Grounds for Health

Preventing Cervical Cancer in the Coffee Lands Since 1996

Since 1996, Grounds for Health has worked in Latin America and Africa to address one of the most significant disparities in women’s health globally.

Cervical cancer is a nearly 100% treatable disease, and yet in the next 15 years it could kill almost 4.5 million women – 85% of whom will live in developing countries.  

They specialize in working in communities that represent the base of global supply chains such as coffee, tea, cut flowers and cocoa. 

Terms and Rules:

  • Flair Espresso will donate 10% of sales from the purchase of any NEW Flair NEO, Classic, Signature or PRO 2 to Grounds for Health purchased on our webstore between December 9th and 11th, 2020. Blemished items, accessories and sale items are not eligible.
  • To enter the giveaway, enter the code: FLAIRCARES at checkout with your NEW Flair NEO, Classic, Signature or PRO 2. The code will not function if you do not have one of these items in your basket! 
  • Each customer is eligible to enter for this giveaway one (1) time.
  • If you have already purchased a Flair, and would like to make a donation, please do so at the link above. No code is needed.
  • Making a donation also qualifies you for entry into the Latte Art Giveaway with Lem Butler. Please send us your receipt at: service@flairespresso.com to be entered. Receipt date for donation must be between the 9th and 11th of December. 
  • A separate donation does not provide a second entry into the giveaway. Customers can only enter one (1) time either through purchase with the code or through a donation directly to Grounds for Health.
  • There will be three (3) Latte Art Giveaway winners. Winners will be announced on Monday, December 14th via email.
  • Each winner will be able to schedule their latte art class with Lem in January of 2021.

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