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Buy a PRO 2 on Amazon - Leave a Review - Get a Shot Mirror

Flair PRO 2
Flair PRO 2 Amazon

Buy on Amazon and Earn a Shot Mirror!

If you’re in the market for a PRO 2, this is the offer for you! We’ve just launched the Flair PRO 2 on Amazon and for a limited time we’re offering a Shot Mirror to anyone that purchases from Amazon and leaves us a review!

Specials rules and conditions apply, and this deal won’t be around for long so read below and act quickly!

Learn More About the Shot Mirror

The Flair Shot Mirror is the perfect tool to use to ensure you’ve got front row seats to your espresso extraction. Lower the lever and watch the magic happen with ease. This Shot Mirror will provide immediate feedback on your pull to help identify channeling or tiger striping, and will help you understand how you can better dial-in your shot.

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Shot Mirror

Entry Process

To receive your free Shot Mirror please follow this process. Click on this link> and sign in to your Amazon account to purchase your Flair PRO 2. Reviews must be posted on or before July 30th, 2021, to be eligible.

  1. Wait patiently! It’s coming!
  2. Once you’ve received your Flair PRO 2, give it a try and taste the delicious espresso that you can brew by hand.
  3. Sign back in to your Amazon account to post your review.
  4. Go to the product detail page for the PRO 2 or you can also go to Your Orders to find the PRO 2.
  5. Click, “Write a customer review” in the Customer Reviews section.
  6. Select a Star Rating. A green check mark will show up for successfully submitted ratings.
  7. Add text, photos or videos and click Submit!
  8. Once your review is visible on the site, take a screen shot and email it to: service@flairespresso.com
  9. Use the subject line: PRO 2 Amazon Offer

Eligibility Rules

To be eligible to receive your free Shot Mirror, you must follow and adhere to these rules while purchasing and reviewing your Flair PRO 2 on Amazon.

  1. PRO 2 must be purchased from Amazon, not the Flair Espresso online store.
  2. Review left must be a “Verified Review” meaning you must be logged into the Amazon account that was used to purchase your PRO 2, when creating your review.
  3. Your review must be live on the PRO 2 product page on Amazon before we can send your Shot Mirror
  4. Customers with domestic U.S. shipping addresses will receive their Shot Mirror with no shipping fees.
  5. International customers will be responsible for any shipping costs and imports fees.
  6. Reviews must have been posted on or before July 30th, 2021 to be eligible.
  7. One review per customer, and one Shot Mirror per customer only.

Please Note!

Shipping to an address that is different from your billing address may require additional verification.